Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Dentists

Get New Dental Patients With PPC Services

  • 65% of buyer-intent keywords are paid clicks.  
  • The average click-through rate in Google Ads is 3.17% 
  • Businesses typically make $3 for every $1.60 spent on Google Ads. 

How does your dental practice PPC marketing strategy compare? 

Start generating more patients with a well-developed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy from Hiilite’s dental digital marketing agency! 

Hiilite’s Dental Advertising: 

Achieves Fast Results 

Pay Per Click advertising for dentists differs from organic, in that you can shoot up to the top of the search engine results page’s immediately. With these fast results, you’re able to outrank the competing dentists in your region and drive new patients to your landing pages designed to convert! 

Increases Web Traffic 

Ever feel like more patients would choose your dental practice if they knew more about you and the services you provided? Our dental advertising with pay-per-click achieves exactly this. With PPC services from Hiilite you will see huge spikes in your web traffic. 

Raises Brand Awareness 

Statistics have shown that a consumer needs to interact with your brand 7 times before they will decide to purchase from you. With PPC ads for dentists, you are purchasing incredibly powerful digital real estate so that more customers can interact with your brand on the number one search engine in the world (Google)! 

How Do We Get Results For Your Dental Practice? 


Our PPC specialists will craft a strategy to target your audience based on their demographic, interests and online behaviours. This information is then used to determine an appropriate ad budget, that incorporates the average lifetime value of a new patient, as well as the bid strategy that is most likely to generate greatest return on ad spend. 

Keyword Research 

Keyword research for dentists is incredibly important. In this stage, our team of experts will conduct a competitive landscape analysis to see what keywords your competition is targeting as well as some low-hanging fruit opportunities that align with your audience, goals and budget.  

Creating Compelling Ads 

We have a team of writers that will create compelling ad copy aimed at generating clickthrough’s to your landing page. We focus on creating ads that elicit a response from all types of consumers regardless of what stage of the purchasing funnel they are in. Within each ad group, our clients can expect an analytical style ad, an emotional style ad and an ad that communicates how our dental clients separate themselves from the competition. 

 Optimizing Based On Data 

Unlike many of the ‘leading’ dental marketing agencies out there, upon launching your dental PPC ads, we don’t wash our hands clean of your account and pass it off to a third-party automation software or bot. We consistently review the ads data to either kill poor performing ads, or scale those ads/keywords that are seeing their key performance indicators trend in the right direction. 


Our reports cut through the BS and vanity metrics to provide you with a simple understanding on how your campaigns are performing. We install conversion tracking with all dental clients  

When we set up your dental PPC ads, we also install conversion tracking so we are sure to get the most accurate reporting possible. Each month your ad specialist will send you a detailed report showing depicting your progress in ad rankings, ad relevance, cost per click, cost per conversion, and discuss budget usage and keyword opportunities that could further improve your ad deliverance and conversions. You can also choose to set up bi-monthly meetings to discuss your campaign. 

Ongoing Research, Optimization & Scaling 

Knowing patient preference changes will aid in the proper optimization of ads. Our team of experts will also provide clear direction when it may be appropriate to capitalize on a low competitive keyword for your practice, or scale your results even further by leveraging tactics and strategies at our disposal.

Get Help with Dental Marketing

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What Separates Hiilite From The Rest Of The Dental PPC Agencies Out There? 

Industry Experience 

Hiilite has over a decade and $1 million dollars spent on Google Ads, as well as multiple years and thousands of dollars spent in additional platforms. You don’t want to work with an advertising specialist that doesn’t know the lingo of your industry or have experience in dental advertising. We know this, and we understand your concerns, which is why you don’t have to look any further. Our specialists are segmented by department and industry, so you can rest assured that you will receive quality ads and attention to detail with our dental PPC services. 

PPC Specialists 

With other agencies, you might get assigned an Project Manager that has a million different things on their plate, in addition to optimizing your advertising campaigns. At Hiilite, we have a team of dedicated pay-per-click dental advertising specialists allowing for a very narrow focus on increasing conversions for your dental clinic’s website.

Full Service Advertising 

We are a full service dental advertising company meaning we not only offer dental PPC services for your business but also a multitude of other dental marketing services that will enhance the results of your PPC dental advertising efforts. Our clients often find that combining our dental PPC services with our SEO and website design services gets them a greater return. Contact our full service marketing team to get started on a successful dental advertising campaign.